Chicago Annenberg Challenge Reference Information

Following are files that provide background information for those interested in the Chicago Annenber Challenge. All are in Adobe Portable Document Format; the left entry contains the original file. A second listing, if present, contains a file that has optimized the PDF image and applied optical character recognition technology. That file then can be searched for desired text strings, and relevent information can be selected, copied and pasted into another application (like a word processor). While the OCR conversion is quite good, it is imperfect, so please check the image document is something seems odd.

Information on CPEF, an organization associated with the CAC has been added; it may be found here

Information on people affilicated with CAC are here

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Chicago Annenberg Challenge Files Housed at AISR

AISR Files

Chicago Annenberg Challenge Tax Returns, 1998-2003

These are all PDF image files.

1998 (2.5MB)

1999 (1.7MB)

2000 (1.5MB)

2001 (833KB)

2002 (593KB)

2003 (1MB)

2003 - Amended (1MB)

Chicago Annenberg Challenge Grant Application, 1994

Application (14MB; image) (28MB; searchable)

Chicago Annenberg Challenge Letters, 1995

Letters (410KMB)

Annenberg Challenge Evaluation, Russo, 1999

Russo's 1999 Annenberg Assessment (searchable, 392KB)

Chicago Annenberg Challenge Evaluation, 2003

Parts 1 and 2 (searchable, 557KB)

Part 3 (searchable, 432KB)

Chicago Annenberg Challenge Reports

1996 (First) (16MB image) (29MB searchable)

1996 (Second) (11MB image) (20MB searchable)

1997 (Interim) (3MB image) (5MB searchable)

1998 (Annual) (4MB image) (7MB searchable)

1999 (Midyear) (3MB image) (5MB searchable)

1999 (Annual) (9MB image) (14MB searchable)

1999 (Assessment of First Three Years) (343KB, searchable)

2000 (Midyear) (3MB image) (5MB searchable)

2000 (Annual) (9MB image) (16MB searchable)

Delgado Report to Ford Foundation, 2007

Lessons from Philanthropy

Hat tip to Steve Diamond,, for many of the original files, and to other contributors who wish to remain anonymous.